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I am crackbook plate. I was born out of the imagination of crackIAS Team. crackIAS, the parent company is a medium that enables those who are preparing for this covet exam to have access to the notes of those who cleared this exam with flying colours. I am a platform for all those who are preparing, teaching and those who cleared this exam to come together and discuss various topics, issues and problems. I am here to provide you an access to expert & diversified opinions, ample solutions to your day-to-day problems and mind opening thoughts on latest trends & happenings. Happy socializing!

I am your friend:

In the fast socializing world today, the field of civil services preparation is highly isolated and closed. Students sitting in far flung areas and those who have just entered in this confused arena are highly misdirected. I promise to take you from this confusion & darkness towards a clear stream of reason at whatever level of preparation you are. As a companion, I will bring together those who have gone through the tedious process of preparation to share their experiences with those at the entry level. For those who are preparing for interviews, I will be a knowledge-sharing platform to discuss issues and form opinions.

How do I work?

To initiate a discussion of your choice, you need to sign up first. It's easy and free. You can post comments on an ongoing discussion as a guest also, but these will be posted after admin's approval within 48 hours. If you are looking for a specific topic, you can search it in "My Search" on left panel. If you like a topic, you can take its print out for future reference. You can also search through vital web links related to a topic. The choices will go on, once you start with me.

Together we can do wonders

Though I am a frank entity and love people expressing their feelings, experiences and opinions, praising or criticizing others, but let us do this responsibly and do not hurt the commercial or non-commercial interests of anybody or any other entity. Let's not use indecent photographs or indecent language for our talks or comments.

You are safe with me

Be assured that your identity/ photographs or anything else that falls in your personal capacity are safe with me and will never be revealed to anybody. That's my promise with you.

Though we will keep sharing here, I would love to talk to you. Keep telling me your feelings about me: what's good in me, what's bad in me, what more can I add to make our discussions more fruitful. Just feel free to 'submit a talk' on this panel. I wanna talk to you :)

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Pankaj Sharma :: Faculty :: Me

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Rupinderjeet Singh :: Faculty :: Me

Wholesale price index slips into negative zone riding high on the fall in fuel prices, the wholesale price index (wpi) dipped to – 0.39 per cent in january. a fall in inflation has been recorded for the eighth consecutive month. inflation was at 0.1 per cent in december. the wpi plunged into the negative zone as the slide in fuel prices more than offset the increase in food prices, which continued to be high. negative wpi inflation reflects falling cost of production in the economy. it could eventually be reflected in consumer prices. consumer price inflation hit 5.11 per cent in january, according to official data released last week. it captures inflation closest to producers and has a broader coverage of manufactured products. it does not capture price inflation in services. with a sharp pick-up in pulses, grains and vegetables, food inflation surged to 8 per cent in january as against 5.2 per cent in december, according to official data released on monday. fruits and milk continue to show high increase while prices of pulses rose 12.3 per cent. in the coming months, food prices can be expected to rise further if the rabi harvest shrinks in line with the agriculture ministry’s forecast, indicated hsbc chief economist pranjul bhandari in a report. low global commodity prices, however, are likely to keep the wpi inflation largely under control, she said. pulses, coarse cereals and oilseeds could witness some pressure points. fuel inflation slumped to minus 10.7 per cent as against minus 7.8 per cent in december. the disinflation in manufactured components was strongest in tobacco, textiles, leather, chemicals and metal products..
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Anil Kumar :: Student :: Me

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